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Stoops are high structures usually found in the front yard of a building. They can have a single step or multiple steps with a railing leading to the front door. A stoop usually lacks a roof, but if you want a canopy on it, we can custom-build it for you. Stoops were traditionally intended to be used for small social interactions. Stoops are also a spot for placing small pieces of furniture, growing flowers, and mounting a mailbox. Stoops are one of the best front yard landscaping ideas to enhance the look of your property.

It is essential to pick the best construction companies for building the stoop, which is why you can search for the best and top landscaping design companies near me. Our company, Libardi Island, is based in Suffolk, NY, and we offer our services to plenty of regions.

What Factors We Consider While Building A Stoop

Several people wish to have stoops in their front yard for various reasons: preserving the front entrance, serving as a place to mingle with family and friends, and adding aesthetics to their home. Many homeowners reach out to us for stoop construction, and we consider the following factors while building a stoop. 


We consider the customer’s budget and give our level best to provide the best stoops that go well with their budget. The national average price for stoop installation is $900 to $2,000. However, we recommend one or two-step stoops for our clients who have a limited budget. 


If the client’s home has enough space, we will opt for a large stoop with numerous steps upon the approval of the customer. In the case of a limited or tiny front yard space, we will build a small structure with a customized design. 


Depending on the surrounding climate of the client’s home, we will use the ideal materials for constructing the stoops. For instance, we use gravel for building stoops in areas where rains are frequent since this material can assist in water runoff. Similarly, we give our best to pick the best and most suitable construction materials. 

Why Choose Us?

  • We are a skilled and experienced stoop construction company 
  • A passionate team with several years of experience 
  • We use only the best and high-quality materials 
  • Customize plans and designs as per the client’s choice 
  • We prioritize the safety of the house and our workers 
  • Decent workmanship and in-house layouts
  • We ensure quick and on-time delivery 

Expertise in Stoop Design and Creation

We at Libardi Island is specialized in delivering you quick and efficient stoop design. With over 25 years of experience, we are confident in our ability to design you the stoop you’re looking for.

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