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We Make Your Dream a Reality So That You Can Relax and Enjoy
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We Make Your Dream a Reality So That You Can Relax and Enjoy
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Stamped Concrete

Construction jargon can be difficult to wrap your head around. If you’re debating on the kind of design and feel you want your space to have, you don’t want to drown in blogs that go on and on with complicated words and leave you more confused than decisive. 

Lucky for you, in this article, we break down one of these concepts so that you can figure out whether or not it is the right choice for you.

What is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is actually exactly the way it sounds. It might go by the name of textured or imprinted concrete because it usually has textures, patterns, or simple basic designs on it. You’ve probably seen this type of decorative concrete around more than you realized.

It is for exterior areas and the design needs to be prepared in advance. Once the concrete is laid, it is stamped, and then left to cure for a couple of days. It is often colored, which requires a process of exposure to UV stable pigments.

Stamped Concrete Long Island

Advantages of Stamped Concrete


Since it is made of concrete, it is one of the most long-lasting types of flooring out there. It doesn’t fade, breaks, or crack away with time, no matter the kind of weather it is exposed to. This makes it a great option for flooring around the world. 

Easy and quick installation:

If you need the construction to be finished within a time constraint but still look appealing, stamped concrete only takes less than a week to be set in place. Within a week of making your decision, you’ll be standing on the stamped concrete floor of your design.

Low maintenance:

Stamped concrete makes a great choice for exterior areas. Whether it is snow or dust or bird droppings, stamped concrete is really low maintenance. Simply using some water can do the job. If you’ve got texture, maybe use a water jet or a hose. For simpler textures, mopping is enough too. 

Strong flooring:

You want your flooring to be able to withstand weight and pressure. Tiles can crack and so can stones. Concrete is relatively strong and gives way to little bounce back. 


For a luxurious feel, marble seems like an enticing option. But you might have to turn your pockets inside out. With stamped concrete, you get an earthy, expensive feel without spending all your savings.

Stamped Concrete Long Island

Where Can You Install Stamped Concrete?


A quick google search of stamped concrete patios will show you the various possibilities of how stamped concrete can be designed to make really attractive patios. They can be cool outdoor areas for you to relax in on cool summer evenings, or enjoy a bonfire during winter. 


You reduce the chances of slip-and-falls around the poolside with textured concrete that provide better grip when your feet are wet. This is by far the cheapest, most attractive option with the least maintenance that should be used around the pool. 

Commercial Buildings:

Commercial building maintenance is essential, and shouldn’t be ignored. That’s why cleaning should be easy. With stamped concrete, a little mopping goes a long way. Stamped concrete does not look dirty very easily, helping you maintain the standards of the workplace. 


Again, textured concrete provides a good grip for the tyres, and makes a much more attractive driveway than boring old plain concrete. A stamped concrete driveway can provide a more expensive feel to your home and increase your property value.


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