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Masonry is the process of putting down masonry units, such as brick, concrete blocks, and stone, in a specific order to create a consistent element of a structure. We construct several masonry structures, including roofs, walls, floor beams, lintels, retaining walls, and more.

At Libardi Island, you can expect quality and timely masonry construction. You can check out our testimonials by searching landscape design near me if you like in Suffolk, NY.

What Do We Use To Provide Masonry Services

Masonry construction can be done with different materials and mortars of various strengths. Brick, concrete, stones, veneer, gabion, and other typical materials are used.

Here are our most commonly used materials for masonry construction:

Brick Masonry Construction

First-rate burnt clay bricks are used in brick masonry construction. Second-class bricks are ideal for plastered masonry construction. Third-class bricks are utilized in brickwork for less significant projects. 

Concrete Masonry Construction

Concrete blocks are squeezed on top of each other in concrete masonry construction, which results in a staggered pattern. Concrete blocks have a more massive dimension than bricks, so we need less time to lay concrete blocks.

Stone Masonry Construction

When compared to other construction materials, the stone is highly reliable, sturdy, and resistant to any weather. Daily wear and tear have a lesser impact on these constructions. As a result, stone masonry structures last for a longer time, about 300 to 1000+ years.

Why Choose Libardi Island For Masonry Services

Libardi Island has been the one-stop destination for homeowners who are looking for masonry services. 

Here is why:


We put quality as one of the essential core values in our business. Thus, we use only the highest quality materials for our masonry services.

Experienced Team Of Professionals

Our design team experts are skilled and have completed many masonry projects, so they provide the clients with a wide choice of styles to choose from, including traditional, contemporary, creative, and cutting-edge designs.

Incredible Communication

Our staff will communicate with the clients through every step of the construction to confirm they are comfortable with the design and build.


We are dedicated and passionate about the project we invest in. Our strength rests in working together, connecting with clients, and providing first-class customer service while maintaining the best levels of excellence.


We understand the need for individuality, creativity, and the unique aspect every client wishes to have. Our goal is to create customized solutions that are within the budget constraints of the client.

Timely Delivery

We value our customers and recognize the importance of meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations. We follow through on our promises and finish the project on schedule.

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Professional Masonry Skills

Our team has the experience, expertise and equipment to handle all your residential as well as commercial masonry and landscaping projects. Whether you want a new driveway or you want an exceptional poolscape, we can design and construct the right structure for you. We also build retaining walls and water features to add style, class and elegance to your outdoor living area. Feel free to call us to discuss your ideas.

Quality Masonry Materials

At Libardi Island Landscaping Corp., we use all best quality materials to ensure high standard results. Moreover, we have dedicated and passionate workmen to carry out all phases of your project. From design to completion, we make sure that all works are done to perfection. We promise you will be amazed by our professionalism and expert project management. Please browse through our pages for more details.

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