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Magnificent Landscape Designs & Hardscape views

We offer landscaping services that are ideal for your garden area in your outdoor space. These landscaping designs can be readily discarded and replaced to match the season or to achieve a whole different look when you wish. Installing real or artificial plants, flowers, grass, trees, gardens, and bushes comes under this category.

Our hardscaping includes solid and permanent non-living elements built in the landscape, such as patios, walkways, retaining walls, pools, fountains, asphalt, lighting, and others. Many homeowners prefer hardscape as it provides additional dwelling space in the yard while also highlighting all the natural characteristics. With proper care hardscaping can become a focal point of your home.

If there is not much hardscaping in a yard, then it can easily give the impression that it is a forest. If you live in Suffolk, New York, you can find out more about us by searching for the best landscaping design companies near me if you live within a reasonable distance from us.

What Do We Offer: Different Hardscape Designs In Landscape Area

We have a team of professionals who work together to build different hardscape designs to help improve your living space in the landscape area, which include:

Masonry Services - Libardi Island - Suffolk county

Masonry Services

At Libardi Island, we offer various masonry services, including walkways, walls, chimneys, and fences. We also use different types of materials like bricks, blocks, and stones.

Custom Landscape Drawing & Blueprints

At Libardi Island, we offer custom landscape designs. Give your home the opportunity to express its potential.

Libardi Island - Blueprint - Suffolk County NY - Long Island
Patio by Libardi Island


When you wish to have a separate outdoor area where you can dine or participate in recreational activities without being exposed to the sun or rain, we will construct a high-quality and durable patio for you that will fulfill your expectation.

Stunning Walkways or Driveways

Whether you need walkways or driveways for your home or any commercial building, our local landscape designers will contact you to know which type of pathway you wish to be installed.

Libardi island - Suffolk County - Walkway and Driveway
Libardi Island - Entrance


Our designers also specialize in building beautiful entrances, which will enrich the elegance of your residence. We construct a new stoop and also repair an already existing one regardless of the size and design.

Retaining Walls | Stone Walls

Retaining stone walls are another luxury and protective addition which are quite beneficial for your home. If your home has structures in slope areas, then installing retaining walls is the best decision.

Retaining walls
Libardi Island - Custom BBQ Design - Suffolk County NY

Built in Barbeque

If you have a barbeque that is built-in in your home it will save you a lot of money as you don’t have to buy barbeque appliances separately. If you want to enjoy a great barbeque at your house with all of your friends and family, you can do so.


A brick fireplace creates an air of old-fashioned elegance as well as old-fashioned class, both indoors and outdoors. Bricks are available in many colors, tones, and textures, allowing you to customize them to your liking.

FIreplace Design
Landscape with water features

Water Features

There is only one thing better than a water feature in your garden or backyard to create an atmosphere for your outdoor area, and that is to create a soothing tone for an isolated retreat in your garden or backyard. Our backyard landscape designers help you create the backyard you have always dreamed of with a swimming pool, pond, a fountain or anything else you want in it.

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