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Fireplace Repair

Enjoy Your Fireplace Again This Winter With Fireplace Repair

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We Ensure Your Fireplace Repair Needs Are Met

Nothing compares to the cozy feeling of the fireplace on a chilly day. You can reach out to us whether you own an electric, wood, or natural gas-burning fireplace. We can assist you in finding the right fireplace equipment, regardless of the size of your house or the limitations of your budget.

You can expect excellent performance with Libardi Island for all your service needs, from installs to routine maintenance or fireplace repairs. We’ll cater to all your chimney repair service needs to keep your hearth looking good and performing flawlessly. We ensure that your hearth products keep your family warm for years.

Signs Indicating Your Fireplace Needs Repair

If your fireplace produces a lot of smoke whenever you use it, the liner needs to be repaired or replaced. If you still see a lot of smoke, ensure your chimney vent is open before calling our chimney company for assistance.

You might notice flakes of fireplace liner falling into the fireplace, which is a frequent issue with chimneys. It is known as “shaling,” which occurs when the chimney liner deteriorates. Contact our qualified fireplace repair services for the assistance you require.

It’s common for a fireplace to develop mortar cracks & these issues can go undiscovered. You should contact our chimney company if the mortar is cracking or the bricks are falling apart.

Every chimney needs a metal or aluminum cover to keep rain and debris out of your house. These covers may deteriorate over time and require replacement.

Do you think your chimney looks good outside your house? These changes can compromise the chimney’s structural integrity, which can cause cracking & crumbling. 

Call Libardi Island in Long Island, NY, for emergency chimney repair services.

Repairman Repairs And Installs A Fireplace In The Apartment

Prevent Fire Hazards With Professional Chimney Sweep & Inspection Services

The fireplace in Long Island, New York, is a great way to stay warm inside your house throughout the winter. You must plan a maintenance investment to operate a fireplace.

As dirty fireplaces can become fire hazards, experts advise hiring a qualified chimney sweep to handle the grunt work on your behalf. Libardi Island offers skilled chimney repair services in Long Island, NY, protecting homeowners from fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

You can relax in front of the fireplace without being concerned about the security of your home. You can reduce the danger of a fire, avoid smoke damage, and increase the lifespan of your chimney with our chimney repair services. Contact a chimney company like ours if you need chimney repair in Long Island, New York.

Why Hire Libardi Island For Fireplace Repair Services In Long Island, NY?

On-Time Delivery

We understand the significance of meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations. We deliver on our promises and complete the assignment on time.


We use high-quality materials for our chimney repair services.

First-Rate Customer Service

We are enthusiastic about the projects. Our success lies in our ability to collaborate, engage with clients, and provide first-rate customer service.

Any Fireplace, Any Repairs, Consider It Done!

The chimney repair professionals at Libardi Island in Long Island, NY, are here to help if you need assistance with your fireplace. Give us a call, and we’ll fix your fireplace in no time.

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