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Fireplace Refacing

Upgrade Your Fireplace With Our Fireplace Refacing Services

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Give Your Fireplace A Makeover With Fireplace Refacing

If you enjoy watching home remodeling TV shows, you’ve heard many designers, appraisers, homeowners, and home purchasers point out an outdated fireplace that detracts from a space’s aesthetic appeal. The fireplace is the focal point so these shows and networks devote so much time to highlight them.

When your fireplace is tarnished, broken, or unappealing, it detracts from the room and makes your home and life less pleasurable. Your options go far beyond ripping everything apart and rebuilding it. The chimney sweeps at Libardi Island in Long Island, New York, can breathe new life into outdated or unsightly fireplaces through fireplace refacing.

To modernize your fireplace, the chimney sweeps at Libardi Island on Long Island, NY, can install a new mantle, spark screen, or set of doors. We can completely redesign your fireplace with new components, innovative ideas, and a new look. Everything is dependent on the style you prefer and what you want from your fireplace.

Materials We Use For Fireplace Refacing

Brick is a timeless option, and if you like how your brick fireplace looks overall but not how worn out it is, we can restore that time-honored beauty using new materials & craftsmanship. We can use brick to give your fireplace a distinctively modern appearance.

There are various options in tiles for forms, colors, and patterns, so you can truly personalize the appearance of your fireplace.

Natural stone is a popular choice among homeowners. Materials like marble, granite, slate, and others provide stunning beauty and a noticeable touch of refinement. The engineered stone may offer comparable beauty for less money.

Concrete is unrivaled in terms of affordability and toughness, which has led to its popularity in all aspects of home design, from floors to countertops. Concrete has a lot to offer if you like simple, modern design.

Fireplace Installing. Fireplace Made From Calcium Silicate Fire Protective Board.
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Importance Of Indoor Fireplace Makeover

It’s crucial to upgrade your indoor fireplace as it is one of your home’s main focal points. It sets up the mood and raises the value of your property. A fireplace allows you and your family, friends, and relatives to unwind, drink and have engaging conversations.

Our Libardi Island has been in the home renovation and indoor fireplace refacing business for years. We know how to turn your old, outdated, or damaged fireplace into a special and lovely feature that can genuinely be referred to as the heart of your home in Long Island, NY!

Why Hire Us For Fireplace Refacing?

Experienced Professionals

Our chimney sweeps are CSIA certified and have years of experience to solve chimney problems and transform your dream fireplace into reality with our fireplace refacing service.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We believe in quality fireplace service, so we do everything we can to deliver the best.

Our Warranty

We deliver six months workmanship warranty on our work.

Upgrading Your Dream Fireplace Into Reality

Our specialists at Libardi Island assist you with fireplace refacing. Our masons & builders provide outstanding fireplace service ideas based on your demands and specifications, so contact us immediately. Call us right now to make an appointment!

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