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Chimney Repair

Protect Your Family With Our Chimney Repairs Experts

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Keep Your Chimney Clean & Safeguard Your Home With Chimney Repairs

Are you looking for a chimney company to maintain your chimney for years in Long Island, New York? Select chimney repair services by Libardi Island to address your smoke and odor issues.

You can rely on our team of certified and insured experts to assist with whatever you need. Call us now to talk with a professional about chimney repair. We even provide free estimates! Our chimney company can assist you in choosing the best service for your requirements.

We provide masonry services, including grouting, patio and sidewalk installation, repair, and maintenance. You can count on us for chimney repair services safeguarding your house in Long Island, NY. Give us a call right away if you want any chimney repair services.

Reduce Fire Dangers With Chimney Maintenance

Nothing compares to relaxing in front of a lovely fire on a winter evening. Your family can enjoy this wonderful ambiance after hiring Libardi Island in Long Island, New York, for expert fireplace maintenance.

You can rely on our chimney company professionals for chimney repairs. It has several components that require cleaning to function properly and avoid fire damage. Chimney care entails routine inspection, cleaning, & repair.

With fireplace maintenance from our experts, your chimney can operate at its best. We have the knowledge, resources, and expertise necessary for preventative fireplace maintenance that keeps your house and family safe. Call our chimney company right away to get a price quote!

Stone Chimney
Stone Chimney

Every Chimney Repair Is Within Our Scope

Have you been informed that you need a chimney repair? Are you unsure if the chimney in your heater or fireplace is secure? Are you unsure about the source of the leakage? The following is a list of the chimney repair services we provide to our clients in Long Island, New York:

  • Full chimney rebuilds
  • Teardowns
  • Crown repair/replacement
  • Flashing repair/replacement
  • Tuck-pointing
  • Chimney liner installation/replacement
  • Moss removal
  • Water sealing/repellant application
  • New flue tiles
  • Flue liner replacement
  • Damper repair/replacement
  • Firebox repair/replacement
  • Chimney caps
  • Interior damage repairs
  • Loose bricks and mortar
  • Damaged masonry
  • Chimney rebuilding

Why Hire Us For Chimney Repair?

Professional Team With Experience

We’ve experience working on several chimney projects. Our team members offer various design options, including traditional, modern, innovative, and cutting-edge styles.

Incredible Communication

The progress of the chimney repair service is discussed with the clients to ensure their satisfaction with the work.


We know the importance of uniqueness, originality, and innovation for each customer. Our objective is to provide unique solutions that fit the client's financial restrictions.

Keeping Your Chimney Like New

You can trust Libardi Island in Long Island, New York, regardless of how large or small your chimney repair issue is whether you require a simple fix or a complicated fix. For your safety and confidence, we offer a no-mess guarantee and are licensed, insured, and CSIA certified.

You can count on us to deliver the trustworthy, courteous service that trustworthy companies can provide. Call us right away to make an appointment. We are your one-stop shop for all chimney repair and fireplace maintenance requirements.

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